My work, both art and writing, comes from my journey in the world, my sense of playfulness and my appreciation of nature and the mystery of life. It also comes from the dark nights; the losses and the lost times... forever striving to understand what it means to live.

I am pleased to announce my first novel, Lifeline, has been released by Founders House Publishing.
It had seemed so simple, even fun, when they explained it: New York needed non-satellite-based relay towers. Commco sent me to find towns along the needed pathway, to offer to restore some of the boons of civilization in return for an agreement to rebuild, power and guard the towers. After all, it had only been fifty years. I would have never believed that the countryside would have turned barbaric so fast....

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Catherine McGuire, Writer & Artist

"A vivid and engaging tale from one of the rising stars of deindustrial SF. Gritty, lively, and wholly plausible, Lifeline is a must-read."
-- John Michael Greer, author of "Star's Reach" and "Retrotopia"